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Richard Attias & Associates
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OVERVIEW The New York Forum focused on two of the key issues confronting business and political leaders: technology and jobs, and the economic impact of climate change. In a rich, intensive one-day session, participants worked on building new business models to thrive in a new era.

The original New York Forum was born in 2010 out of the financial crisis. It provided a rallying point to regroup and formulate new business models at a crucial inflection point for many businesses and financial institutions. We’ve moved past crisis to an era of cautious optimism fuelled by a return to growth – however slow – in the world’s advanced economies, increasing promise in many emerging and frontier economies, and continued transformative innovations in technology. But fundamental problems persist. Jobs, particularly the well-paid, secure jobs that spurred the rise of a stable middle class in advanced economies, are still scarce. For too many youth, in both advanced and developing economies, the outlook is especially bleak. On a more global scale, the dense tangle of issues spurred by climate change is becoming increasingly clear. At the same time, the difficulty of governments to agree on any effective course of action persists.

The New York Forum 2014 focused on the consequences of accelerating technological change on jobs, and the economic impact and changing energy equation in the face of climate change. Participants in the exclusive, invitation-only New York Forum included heads of state, CEOs and leading policy thinkers. An artfully curated mix of focused, expert conversations and vigorously facilitated discussions, drawing on the experience and intelligence of everyone in the room, generated a valuable deep dive into two of the key issues today's leaders face. This platform provided an unprecedented opportunity for an invited group of business leaders to contribute to understanding key issues, to learn concrete steps they and their organizations can take, and to catalyze solutions and build public/private partnerships. Above all, The New York Forum 2014 provided a call to action so businesses, policymakers and governments are better prepared for the challenges they mutually face.

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