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• Published on 22 May 2014 • Category : Africa • Tags : tourism economy africa
Tourism industry will be key for Africa’s economic independence Physically, Africa can be overwhelming and awe-inspiring. From the Cape of Good Hope’s rocky cliffs to the steady, massive Nile on to the vast, arid Sahara, Africa is home to nearly every geographic peculiarity, all of them striking. The culture and history, much of it pristinely preserved, offer a singular experience to any visitor.For these reasons, the expansion of the tourism sector represents Africa’s next logical economic step. As the continent attempts to transform from a mining-focused, resource-reliant continent to one full of diversified, value-added industry, the tourism trade r(...)
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• Published on 21 May 2014 • Category : Africa • Tags : africa entrepreneur women
Female entrepreneurs lead Africa’s small-business boomAs Africa continues its economic transformation, prosperity will come on the shoulders of small-business owners. In many African nations, small businesses account for over 50 percent of GDP and are responsible for the majority of employment. As the continent continues to create technical jobs and value chains based on her mighty natural resources, nations will continue to rely on these grassroots businesses. Africa’s entrepreneurship explosion reflects both the ambition and confidence of its citizens as well as the opportunities that make starting a business in Africa such a tempting op(...)
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• Published on 20 May 2014 • Category : Africa • Tags : africa growth economy afdb
AfDB: African economic outlook positive; more jobs, stability needed to maintain levels Good news for Africa and the global economy: At its annual meeting Monday in Kigali, Rwanda, the African Development Bank (AfDB) reported that the continent’s economy will reach growth rates of 4.8 percent in 2014, with another $200 billion flowing in foreign investment. The bank’s analysis included forecasts for a 5.7 percent growth rate by 2015, which would match levels prior to the financial crisis in 2009. Sub-Saharan countries are forecast to fare best, with some, like Ethiopia, experiencing double-digit growth thanks to heavy investment fr(...)
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