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• Published on 26 Feb. 2013 • Category : nyforum
The Promise of Africa’s WomenAt the launch of Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s foundation last month, I had the privilege of moderating a panel with the Presidents of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Benin in front of 1,000 business and political leaders. The former Nigerian head of state and his peers spoke eloquently about the need to educate girls. President Obasanjo stated: “If we educate a girl, we educate a family.” As a result, he has named the education of women and girls as one of his five key initiatives for his new foundation. But beyond the basic issue of education — which will h(...)
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• Published on 14 Jan. 2013 • Category : nyforum
The global economy in 2013: Is stability within reach?January is a time not only for New Year’s resolutions but also for predictions – projections of hopes and anxieties about the year ahead. This January, media outlets have been active in offering readings of the crystal ball, and the Economist magazine posed a key question to readers in a debate online: will the world economy be in better shape in 2013 than in 2012? This question is one on which much will hinge – the years since 2008 have seen plenty of turmoil. According to some experts, however, it appears that the signs are pointing up, and Christine Lagarde, the MD of t(...)
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• Published on 04 Dec. 2012 • Category : nyforum
Why we need to focus on AfricaOne of the most exciting phenomena of the past few years has been the swift and steady rise of the African continent. The region has experienced continuous growth, just as Europe and the US have faltered. Africa’s rise creates new challenges for businesses, which must quickly educate themselves about its complex markets. This was something that Frank Braeken, executive VP of Unilever Africa, acknowledged in a recent interview. “We are still very much in learning mode about what the differences are within Africa,” he said. Many outside investors have assumed that Africa’s pote(...)
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• Published on 16 Mar. 2012 • Category : nyforum
Tackling one of the biggest threats to our children: Suicide While I usually speak about economic issue or geopolitic or global issues, today I would like to discuss an issue that’s about care for our kids, about the next generation and about a specific danger they are facing: suicide. When we think of the threats that our children face out in the world, we may worry about stranger-danger, or tired car-drivers who aren’t focussed on the road, or a host of other possible things that could affect their safety. But in fact suicide is one of the greatest causes of death amongst young people — the third leading cause of death for you(...)
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• Published on 14 Mar. 2012 • Category : nyforum
Global Food Security: The Biggest Challenge For Our WorldLast week in Rabat, Morocco, we launched the Global Food Security Forum, which was created as an initiative of OCP Group (the world’s leading provider of phosphates based in Morocco). We felt the particularly urgent need to do this now, because as climate change affects weather patterns across the globe, and political tensions flare up, food security will become one of the most pressing issues for the world’s leaders to deal with – if it isn’t already. We challenged the 200 experts in the field gathered with us to “think differen(...)
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