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• Published on 30 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Emerging economies prosper as the west muddles throughRight now, the smart money is sitting on the sidelines. This is what Diane Brady, senior editor and content chief of Bloomberg Businessweek, suggested at a panel discussion at APEC earlier this month. The other speakers didn’t entirely disagree, especially where Europe is concerned, but several suggested that the emerging markets are where smart money will be in the future. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of New Zealand, Bill English, suggested that his country was a barometer for broader currents because it has such a small economy. New Zealand has been badly (...)
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• Published on 25 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Obama at APEC: America is still welcomeAlthough his remarks at the recent APEC CEO conference in Hawaii earlier this month were mostly serious, US President Barack Obama opened with a joke. “This is my birthplace, I know that was contested for a while,” he said. “I can show you the hospital if you’d like.” That matter dispensed with he moved to weightier topics. Obama praised the outcomes that had been agreed on at the G20 summit earlier this month. “I was pleased to see that European leaders were taking seriously the need to solve not just the Greek crisis but also the broader European crisis,” he sa(...)
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• Published on 21 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
A new role for ChinaIt’s no secret that China’s future looks brighter than that of other nations. Green energy, innovation, and a more prominent role in world politics will all be part of the picture, said President Hu Jintao at the APEC CEO summit last week. In a wide-ranging speech he surveyed the global landscape, touching on the environment, the world’s economy, and the internal problems that China faces. Right now the most pressing concern for world leaders is to foster growth and stability. Mr. Hu noted that the financial crisis has changed the balance of power, which mechanisms of go(...)
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• Published on 14 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Seeking Stability in an Unstable World“In this connected world, we are all in the same boat. If part of the boat has a hole in it you cannot say afloat.” The words of the chief executive of Hong Kong SAR, Donald Tsang, spoken at the APEC CEO Summit, could be said to embody the preoccupations of APEC as a whole. However well the Asia-Pacific nations are faring, they are aware that no one is safe from the chilly winds of crisis in today’s economic world. As Tsang observed, no one can do everything but everyone can do something. For Hong Kong this has meant shoring up its vulnerable areas and developing a regul(...)
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• Published on 12 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
The Future. Redefined.Michael Oreskes, a senior editor at the Associated Press, spends most of his time on the shores of the Atlantic but at APEC’s opening session today he said that being on the Pacific was a big relief. “The mood is so much better here.” It was only partly a joke. In Europe and the US the euro crisis dominates, but at APEC the conversation is all about growth. PwC had conducted a survey of 300 CEOs before the APEC summit and their concerns reflected this change. Most of the CEOs thought APEC countries would be the main drivers of growth in the next three to five years, said(...)
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