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• Published on 12 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Hillary Clinton: “Women must play a bigger role in the world’s economy”Any country or company that wants to succeed in today’s economy must unlock the power of women’s potential. This was the message of the far-reaching speech that Hillary Clinton delivered to a rapt audience at APEC on Friday. A host of statistics support Clinton’s case. When women are empowered, a nation’s stability improves and democratic participation goes up. It’s proven that when women have access to jobs and opportunities the positive ripple effects spread. Women are more likely to invest their earnings in their children’s schooling, better housing, or i(...)
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• Published on 10 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
APEC’s economic game-changersAs the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gets ready for its CEO summit this weekend, all eyes will be on the leaders of those countries that are not just weathering the global downturn but booming. They are the economic champions, already changing the game while so many others falter: Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile and Peru. Luckily the presidents of all four nations will attend the APEC summit — Vietam’s Truong Tan Sang, Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Ollanta Humala from Peru and Sebastián Piñera from Chile. There is much that we can learn from them and their thrivi(...)
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• Published on 09 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Our leadership crisisOver and again as the economic crisis ripples across the world, one has theme recurred: the need for leadership. When people are fighting adversity every day, they want politicians whom they trust, and if those don’t appear there is trouble. In Tunisia earlier this year, a 14 percent unemployment rate became the spark for the Arab spring.In Greece in recent weeks an indecisive government made the nation’s financial chaos and mental anguish even worse: the turning point (along with the end of his career) came when prime minister George Papandreou announced (...)
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• Published on 07 Nov. 2011 • Category : nyforum
APEC’s challenge: It’s still the economyLast week saw the end of the G20 summit in Cannes, with the attendant focus on the Euro crisis. At the end of this week another meeting will be held which will hopefully have a more optimistic outcome: the APEC CEO summit, bringing together business leaders from the Asia Pacific region and beyond. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation is made up of swiftly growing nations like China, Indonesia, Russia, Korea and Mexico and established economies such as Australia, Japan and the United States. These countries represent a weighty financial bloc. Together t(...)
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• Published on 31 Oct. 2011 • Category : nyforum
Seven — a lucky number?Today on October 31st the world’s population officially hits seven billion. Seven is a suggestive figure. In many cultures it is lucky – in France, for instance, a cat has seven lives. Shakespeare said there were “seven ages of man” and seven is apparently the ideal number of hours of sleep a person needs. In this case though the vast growth in world population begs questions about resources and the future of our planet. In 1959, when I was born, the earth supported 3 billion people, but extraordinarily, that number has more than doubled in the past fifty years(...)
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