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• Published on 21 Feb. 2012 • Category : nyforum
Startup AfricaAs Europe and the US struggle to get their finances in order, and the BRIC nations do their best to build on recent successes, another continent has been quietly gaining pace. And lately not so quietly. Last year a stream of articles appeared in the Financial Times and other publications about Africa’s swift growth. The momentum continues and only last week, The Economist had a feature on Twitter use in Africa. The consensus seems clear: Africa has reached a turning point. That’s why the New York Forum is launching NYF AFRICA in June this year. Here are the phenomena that mea(...)
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• Published on 24 Jan. 2012 • Category : nyforum
GCF 2012. A focus on entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurship is the key to competitiveness, and it’s something every nation needs to think about. So it is entirely fitting that the Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia is placing it at the center of its conference this year. Bringing together a diverse range of high profile speakers from across the world, the three-day event will address the big issues that governments and businesses are facing. At the heart of it all, during this period of economic fragility, is job creation. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit will be a part of this in the future. The(...)
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• Published on 19 Jan. 2012 • Category : nyforum
A credit crisis for France?It was unfortunate that so much had been pinned on France’s triple-A credit rating – not just president Sarkozy’s electoral future but that of the Eurozone more generally. Last week S&P downgraded the French rating to AA+, along with eight other European countries. Austria too lost its AAA status, Italy and Spain fell two notches and the ratings of Malta, Cyprus, Slovakia and Slovenia were cut. Unlucky Portugal had its debt consigned to junk status. It’s bad news for Nicolas Sarkozy who is facing elections in a just few months. In a confession to advisors leaked to(...)
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• Published on 13 Jan. 2012 • Category : nyforum
Qatar Looks to a Healthy, Sporty FutureIt’s a well known fact that exercise is vital to our mental and physical health. This is why the meeting of the Doha Pre-forum GOALS – Gathering of All Leaders in Sport — produced by Richard Attias and Associates, is putting sports at the heart of its agenda. On January 7-8 2012, fifty top policymakers, innovators, sports scientists, doctors, academics, NGO leaders, head of federations, and corporate executives met with in Doha at the Aspire Zone in Qatar, to discuss how sport could improve economies and society and the lives of women and people in cities. As preparations (...)
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• Published on 15 Dec. 2011 • Category : nyforum
An Exciting Time For The Developing WorldAs I have mentioned before on this blog, one of the most pressing questions of our time is leadership – and the lack of it. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion on this topic at the MEDays in Tangiers, which is organized by the Amadeus institute, one of Morocco’s most prominent independent think-tanks. This year, the world has faced some big economic challenges. The world’s largest economy – the US – lost its triple-A rating, the Eurozone plunged into crisis, and citizens around the world began to protest against their governments. At the same (...)
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